Eco Center "Oasis of Peace" has four apartments with capacity of 20 beds, each of which is equipped with a kitchenette, TV and satellite TV, bathrooms with showers, spacious terraces and Gril in the vicinity thereof, and spacious parking area. All guests eco-center at their disposal an outdoor swimming pool and a kitchen for self-cooking, and grills near the Riječica Trebunj. Eco Center has a coffee restaurant with 80 seats, where guests offered by domestic and foreign cuisine. The restaurant is located near the pool, which creates an additional atmosphere lovers of good food and drinks. The true lovers of the natural environment beautiful atmosphere will find in adi eco center, which forms River Trebunj, its waterfalls and a lake full of trout and grayling. The food is exclusively prepared on the grill including roasting, kettle, grill and barbecued dishes




Number of seats in babies is 126 so it is suitable for various celebrations and cultural events. Because of the very favorable geographical position eco center, located in the middle of the wider space limited Plitvice Lakes in the west and Bardača the east, eco-center perspective intends to make its tourist offer spreads with trips, visits and excursions to these and other attractive places in the environment - Strbacki buk, Martin Brod, Unac, Ribnik, Šipovo, Pliva lakes, Hrustovačka cave, waterfall Blihe, Source Dabar, Mrakovica etc. Our intention is that all existing and future capacity in the wider tourist industry bring to perfection in order to ready for the 16th European Championship in fly-fishing to be fluffy and 2010 in Bosnia and Herzegovina, even more so because one of track championships and hunt river Sanica .