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 we will take care of the rest.

The idea for the eco-centre "Oaza mira" (Oasis of Peace), positioned in the tame valey of the Sanica, came founded on the recognisable brand that this place acquired by being proclaimed 'the first tourist place' in former Yugoslavia.

Surrounded by the slopes of the Grmec mountain, with its three natural lakes, two mountain rivers and innumerable streams. Even then Sanica was recognised as a place with a unique natural surrounding.

 In such ambiance, at the source of stream of Trebunj and looking over the Sanica panorama, less than 500m from the river Sanica and its fly-fishing beats, there sits eco-centre "Oaza mira".

 The centre is at the very entrance to the town and is reached by taking a right turn up a tarmacked road, that used to lead to a railway station and its narrow gauge tracks, operated at the time by the popular 'Ciro' as the locomotives used to be known.

The railway is gone and its route has been turned into a mountain bike track, which passes a mere 100m from the eco-centre.

We offer apartments with one, two, three or more beds. In total, there are 32 beds in 5 buildings.

\We offer fishing in the premium fisheries on the Sanica, the Sana, the Ribnik and the Pliva.

Active holiday on mantained mountain biking tracks..

Local and international cuisine, from ingredients produced locally and by the Eco Centre. 

What Our Fantastic Users Say

Bosnian Bounty A plump grayling is kissed gently before being released lovingly back into the water. The hand that held it is washed in the stream and then some water is brought up to the angler's lips and drunk. The same ritual is repeated with a trout caught not long after. The plentiful fish are tricky and the surroundings stunning. This scene is found all over a small country in southern Europe, where bait fishing for salmonids is banned, and whose fly fishing heritage may be older than the UK's..
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  • Breakfast menu is set by the restaurant, but changes are possible by agreement
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